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6 December, 2006
Battle of the Nephilim
Casual Fun
Since the release of Guildpact, five Nephilim battle for survival, which is strongest, you decide!

Our five Casual fun decks battle for the title of Ultimate Nephilim Champion!!

YoreTiller Glint W Ink Treader wmaw Dunebrood
13th Dec
Casual Fun
The first project, Guildwars, there can be only one! The goal to build a casual deck, which would trounce the other guilds :-
The Rules:-
1) No super expensive Rares
2) Cut down on the most efficient cards and go with synergy
3) You must and can play only one
4) Ravnica Block cards only
The Guilds
The Rules:-
1) No super expensive Rares
2) Cut down on the most efficient cards and go with synergy
3) Be original and Inventive
4) Only play cards from Two Colours of your Chosen Guild
5) Ravnica Block cards only
You make the Card, Bad!

Fantasy Cards
Our first project saw the team develop a card, which was intentionally bad! All sets have them, so we made one!

There will be more Fantasy Card projects in the future, but for now, please enjoy the work we did on creating the first one!

Polar Meltdown - U

All Islands are Blue
"Thanks George" - Matteo's Cat

Polar Meltdown
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7
It can't be PTQs and Nationals every week so sometimes it is good to unwind and play some casual Magic. Our latest project builds on Guildwars and sees the Nephilim take each other on in Mortal combat!

If you have an idea for a casual deck building challenge, then the casual section of our forum is a great place to get it started.
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