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Part 4 – Mechanic Vote

Two weeks starting 21st August 2006

By Anthony Skinner



In the previous chapters we discovered that our Bad card would be a Blue Enchantment, whether that Enchantment is an Aura is still very much open. The Mechanics have been selected, let the voting commence!



The votes have been counted and verified and the mechanics I can announce that have been selected as potential winners of You Make the Card, Bad! Are:-



Submission 1


Enchantment - Aura


Enchant Creature 

Enchanted creature has " Tap: Counter target spell unless its controller pays 1"


Submission 2




Whenever a permanent is returned to a players hand, that player puts x cards from his/her library into their graveyard, where x is that card’s converted mana cost.


Submission 3




Play with your hand revealed. Whenever you draw a card if it has the same name as a non-land card in your hand you may draw a card.


Submission 4


Enchantment - Aura


Enchant Permanent

1: Enchanted Permanent becomes the colour of your choice until end of turn.


Submission 5

Enchantment - Aura


Enchant Creature
When this comes into play discard cards equal to enchanted creatures power,
or sacrifice this.

You control enchanted creature.


Submission 6




All Islands are Blue.




VOTE NOW! Click here to go to the Forum and place your vote.


The winning Mechanic will be revealed in two weeks time.





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