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      Magic the Gathering Cards


Part 3 – Mechanic Submission

Mon 17 Jul – 7 August 2006


By Anthony Skinner


The results show, a close run thing, and the winner is BLUE! The colour of champions!



What we know about our Bad Card so far: -


  • It is an Enchantment
  • It is Blue


Now it’s time to come up with some ideas for the actual card mechanic.


When coming up with you mechanics keep in mind that as an Enchantment it can be a creature enchantment (Aura) or a standalone enchantment, so there is a lot of scope for different ideas.


The card we are making is intended to be a bad card, similar in Strength to One with Nothing, Chimney Imp and Mudhole. This means you should be striving for relatively narrow effects, or very risky ones, with your mechanics. Here are some examples of what Blue can do:-




Blue gets the craziest of effects; see the Sky Swallower (not the Simic kind!) In general Blue can :-


  • Tap creatures
  • Cause creatures / permanents not to untap
  • Counter spells and abilities
  • Return permanents to their owners hands
  • Abilities that have tap: deal 1 damage to creature / player (A Ping)
  • Strange abilities like donate all your permanents to your opponent
  • Draw cards


Generally Blue does not get creature pumping effects, direct damage, life gain, destroy effects, efficient creatures, land destruction or Graveyard recursion. It can on occasion use these effects, but usually only if they have some hideous or interesting drawback like with Polymorph (above.)


There is no need to add a mana cost yet, that will be determined in a later vote. For the moment we are only interested in how the card works.


So with that in mind, let the mechanic submissions begin!


You have three weeks, till the 7th August 2006 to get your ideas in. Then within about a week’s time I will be announcing the eight mechanics selected for the next stage of voting.




I would just ask that you please do not post your submissions on the forum, please email them to info@mtgtwincast.com instead. When making your submission please include your name, you will need a valid email address in order to be eligible to receive the Phoenix Games Store voucher if you should win, and of course you will need to have an email account set up to mail your submission.


All mechanic submissions are subject to the terms and conditions below. This is because we intend to turn over our developed card to Wizards, with the hope that it may be included in a future expansion. By emailing a mechanic suggestion to us you are deemed to have accepted these conditions in full.


I hope you have a lot of fun making your mechanics, let’s make our card suck!  






Terms & Conditions.


We live in a regulated age and as such Wizards of the Coast always has legal issues to put up with. Wizards do not generally accept ideas and 3rd party card designs, as someone may claim their idea has been stolen and sue them.


You agree by voting on “You make the Card, Bad!” And posting you ideas on this site and posting on the MTGTwincast forum that you sign over all rights to your ideas and creations to Wizards of the Coast to use as they see fit. You must read the Create-A-Card terms and conditions below. If you are not comfortable with Wizards of the Coast making money from your designs, then please do not post them on our site.


Create-A-Card Submissions


You agree that any content, messages, information, advice or other materials specifically related to the creation of trading card or collectable game cards that you provide to Wizards or post, upload, input or submit for review by the general public and Wizards are submitted on a voluntary basis (each a "Create-A-Card Submission" and collectively "Create-A-Card Submissions"). Wizards shall be free to use any ideas, concepts, materials, creative work, know-how or techniques contained in your Create-A-Card Submission (each an "Idea" and collectively "Ideas") for any purpose whatsoever, including, but not limited to, developing, manufacturing and marketing products and other items incorporating such information and you waive any moral rights you may have in such.


You understand that the Idea and its acceptance by Wizards does not, in whole or in part, establish or create by implication, or otherwise, any relationship between Wizards and you not expressed herein. You further understand and agree that Wizards, may accept or reject such Idea and shall not be obligated to you in any way, with respect to the Idea. Wizards is under no obligation to post any Create-A-Card Submission you may provide and Wizards may remove any Create-A-Card Submission at any time in its sole discretion.


You acknowledge that the Idea may be identical with, similar to the theme, plot, idea, format, or other element of the material that Wizards has independently developed or that has or may come to Wizards from other sources.


You declare and warrant that except to the extent, if any, the Idea incorporates Wizards' existing intellectual property, the Idea is original and contains unique, novel and/or public domain material. You possess all right, title, and interest necessary to transfer ownership of the Idea in its entirety to Wizards.