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7 January, 2007
Limited Magic

This is where you will find news from the Twincast community regarding strategy and tournament information for the Limited formats.

The last Limited tournaments were the Timespiral Prereleases held at the end of September. Currently we are in Pro Tour Geneva qualifier season, which uses the Sealed deck and Booster draft formats.

Use the links - Upcoming Limited Tournaments above to see a list of sanctioned Magic the Gathering Tournament providers and Pro Tour qualifier locations.

Below is a brief description of how each format works, if you would like further information please ask questions in the fourm, where people will be happy to help out.

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Sealed deck

You get one tournament pack from the October release (currently Timespiral) and two packs from the latest expansion (also currently Timespiral) At prerelease tournament you get three booster packs rather than two.

You are required to make a deck - minimum 40 cards (including Land) - from the cards you have opened. A general rule for beginners is that you should play 23 spells and 17 land and no more than three colours, usually two and perhaps one or two spells that need one mana of another colour.

Sealed deck limited matches are usually best two out of three. You must always start game 1 of each round with the deck you constructed at the beginning of the tournament. In games 2 and 3 you may move any number of cards from your sideboard (the cards you opened, which are not in your deck) to your main deck and vice versa. Your deck does have to remain atleast 40 cards strong.

Booster draft tournaments are similar to sealed, only you select cards from Magic the Gathering booster packs instead of just opening what you are given.

Each player brings three booster packs to the table and opens the first one. You pick one card that you want for your deck and past the remaining cards to your neighbour. The first pack is passed to your right and the second to your left and finally, back to right again. At the end of the draft you will have 45 cards with which to make your deck.

The same rules for deck construction for sealed deck apply to Booster drafts as well.

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