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12 November, 2006
UK Magic the Gathering Tournaments

Welcome to the UK Tournament section. I have compiled as much information as I can find regarding Magic the Gathering Tournament Organisers and participating Stores.

Every area of the country has atleast a couple of Tournament Organisers. If you can't find anything that is suitable, you could start your own club!

Rest assured that if you want to start up something from scratch you will get as much support as possible from the Magic Players in our online forum.

If you are looking for Future Events , these are regularly publicised on our forums. Currently you will find information for Coventry, Lincolnshire, Oxford, Leicester and Southampton. I hope to add many more in the coming months.

If you are a Tournament Organiser and don't have access to your own website our forum is an excellent place to drum up interest in your events. Simply email info@mtgtwincast.com and ask for an area in the forum to be set up for you, or post a message in the chat section of the forum.

Quick Links

Coventry Magic
Oxford Magic
Southampton Magic
Lincolnshire Magic
Leicester Magic

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