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Darkened skies, An Orzhov production.

By Scott Biggs  27 July 2006


When the Guild Wars idea was first announced, Ghost-husk and Ghost-dad were rife in the field, top eighting here there and everywhere, so when I was asked which guild I wanted I snapped up Orzhov. Then someone tells me its casual, and get this, no money rares! This is where I start to panic, so I have to build a casual Orzhov deck? and I am instantly disabled by not being allowed to use Ghost Council, rare lands or any such Pontiff trickery? This is going to be difficult. It has been a long time since I have played magic casually and picking cards for a deck when there are better cards available just seems wrong.


Enough complaining, the deck, what to do? My first thought: Abuse Skeletal Vampire. Seemed like a good starting point, as long as the abuse is magic based *ahem*, anyway, the first draft of the deck I tried to utilize the Belfry Spirit, Skeletal Vampire, Twilight Drover combo FTW! However, the mana curve was way too high, the combo was clunky and any such removal would disrupt it easily, first idea scrapped.


After talking with Chris and Richard the Skeletal Vampire was still my favorite to be the basis of my deck and it was suggested that an aggressive flying deck might work, interesting. So, removal plus evasion, this might actually work.


For this deck to work the creatures need to be cost efficient and perform some other function, Shrieking Grotesque for example, flying Ravenous Rat anyone?


4 Blind Hunter

4 Daggerclaw Imp

4 Keening Banshee

3 Shrieking Grotesque

3 Skeletal Vampire

3 Stinkweed Imp


4 Last Gasp

4 Mortify

4 Shadow Lance

4 Bottled Cloister


4 Orzhov Basilica

7 Plains

12 Swamp



4 Castigate

4 Faith's Fetters

4 Pillory of the Sleepless

3 Hide/Seek


Although this deck is missing some vital cards in terms of type 2, i think this is actually very strong, the shadow lance is an awesome card for this format, coupled with plenty of removal from mortify, last gasp, keening banshee and the recurring stinky imp; card advantage from bottled cloister and a regenerating fatty in the shape of skeletal vampire this deck could be a real contender for the guild wars play off's.