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6 December, 2006

It's Nephilim Time - Witch Maw, Your up!


By Anthony Skinner

This week's Nephilim of interest is the Witch Maw , which wants to grow to massive proportions and devour its enemies in one bite! This seems like a relatively straightforward task, hampered only be the restrictive card pool. In my deck list I will add many Bounce Lands to sort out the Mana, use many cantrips to find Nephilim and make them huge and I shall have access to spells, which counter my opponent's plan to stop us.

To refresh your memory the challenge of the Nephilim deck is to include no rare lands, as few expensive rare cards as possible and to keep it fun! The format is also Rav Block Constructed.


Witch-Maw Nephilim, a big fat Quirion Dryad, in disguise!


Witch Maw - For the Win - A fun deck by Anthony Skinner

4   Vinelasher Kudzu
4   Witch-Maw Nephilim
3   Dimir Infiltrator
1   Wildsize
1   Crime // Punishment
3   Rise // Fall
4   Might of the Nephilim
4   Compulsive Research
4   Remand
4   Perplex
2   Shielding Plax
4   Dimir Signet

Land (22)
3   Forest
4   Swamp
4   Island
1   Plains
2   Azorius Chancery
2   Orzhov Basilica
2   Simic Growth Chamber
4   Selesnya Sanctuary

4 Witch Maw Nephilim
The decks signature card, hopefully it will come out on turn 3 and find many counters on turn 4. Might of Nephilim effectively gives the creature +10/+10 of 1G!

4 Vine Lasher Kudzu
We need lots of bounce lands to cast our spells, this loves lots of bounce lands and gives your opponent two targets to aim at, hopefully one gets through!

4 Dimir Signet
You can mix and match the mana, but I am going with blue sources on the signet and a full set of Selesnya Sanctuaries.

4 Compulsive Research
Good at all stages of the game.

4 Remand
Potentially game winning when Witch-Maw or Vinelasher swings in, cantrips on turn 2 and is just plain good!

4 Perplex
This gives you many options in respect of Transmute targets and counters as well.

2 Shielding Plax
An excellenet Transmute target to take out the possibility of Condemn and other targetted removal ruining your day.

4 Might of the Nephilim
The second part of the "combo", gives the deck a potential turn 4 kill with two copies!

3 Dimir Infiltrator
The second Transmuter, you can set up a chain of Rise/Falls with this to bounce blockers and return the Witch Maw's to your hand if they are discarded or removed.

3 Rise and Fall
See Dimir Infiltrator, this does everything the deck needs, bounce and recursion as well as setting up a chain of spells to ensure those +1/+1 counters!

1 Crime/ Punishment
I believe this works as a Transmute for either 5 or 2, Dimir Infiltrator gets the nod. Only one copy to keep it cheap!

1 Wildsize
Another Transmute target with multiple applications including winning the game!

Land (22) -
A lot of bounce lands to find the WGBU and fuel the Kudzu.

So there you have it, a deck to kick ass, well against the other Nephilim anyway! If you wanted to add money I would suggest Birds, Duals and Painlands. Otherwise it is pretty strong, Stonewood Invocation from Timespiral could make for some fun times!


Tune in next week to see if the Dune-Brood Nephilim can take on the field! Until then, Witch-Maw for the win!

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