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29 November, 2006

Battle of the Nephilim’s- Ink Treader
By Darren Medforth

I have been given a task to create a deck based around one of the Nephilims, I have choosen to do Ink Treader, if your not familiar with what the card does, let me refresh your memory for you:

IT1 Just think about all the fun things you can do with this bad boy or thing…

The rules for this task are simply:

No rare lands

Keep the cost down

Play only the one nephilim chosen

Ravnica cards only

And the most important one “have fun”

Now we have to consider what to put in the deck; we need a card that can threaten your opponent, firstly let us go for burn, because if Ink Treader gets targeted by it everything will, and even Ink Treader isn’t in play it is still useful. I know! Lets put in Electrolyzes, it can both draw you lots of cards if you target the Nephilim, plus it’s a good card on its own. Still focusing on burn, we need something that can kill everything and have a secondary function afterwards, like lightning helix, it kills everything in play, plus gains you lots of life.

We still need bigger things than Electrolyze and Helix, we need to think bigger than that. Your answer to this is with 2 cards:

IT2IT3With Flash Conscription in the deck and targeting the Nephilim it will probably take control of all creatures in play, and then you can attack for the win. Also, Brightflame can be a nasty card with the Nephilim, you can gain lots of life, which can make it harder for your opponent to get into the game, if he/she has no creatures in play.






Well that’s most of the cards sorted, now onto the deck:

4 Ink-Treader Nephilim
3 Firemane angels

4 Lightning Helix
4 Electrolyze
2 Brightflame
2 Flash Conscription
4 Farseek
4 Recollect
3 Shielding Plax
4 Might of the Nephilim
3 Compulsive Research

4 Pillars of Paruns
6 Mountains
5 Plains
4 Forests
3 Islands

With the help of Shielding Plax in the deck your Nephilm will be safe from removal like Putrefy, Mortify, Helix etc. Also, with the Might of the Nephilim in the deck along with Flash Conscription you can steal all their creatures and then they become huge, plus you attack for the win, and gain lots of life if your opponent is still alive.

Money wise for the deck comes to about £20-£35; Firemane angels are probably the most expensive card in the deck costing about £3 each and the rest would all be below that, so the deck is reasonably cheap. Overall I think playing this deck will be the most fun you will ever have playing magic and lets hope it works!

Darren Medforth


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