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21 November, 2006

Name: Matteo Orsini Jones
Age: 16
Location: Coventry, England

Occupation(s): Defender of good grammar; Self-employed entrepreneur; School pupil

Education: Still at school – studying for A-levels

Number of times playing on the pro-tour: The number of months per year + the number of days per week - the lowest prime number whose digits add up to 10.

Magic achievements: winner Warwickshire champs 2002, top 2 prize split PTQ:LA 2003, 9th England Nationals 2006, being a general great person to play against J

Favourite Magic Card: Anurid Brushhopper – heh, hopper! He was in my home-brew GW madness deck that won me the county champs before I became a ‘serious player’ or knew what a PTQ was. Also he’s a frog, albeit ugly, and everyone loves frogs right?

First ever deck: A random UW control, which moved swiftly onto a green ultimate fatties deck (n00bs unite!) My first ever tournament deck was a UR counter-burn deck around invasion block, with Prophetic Bolts, Urza’s Rage, Miraris and the like

What do you like most about Time Spiral? The time shifted cards – ahh the nostalgia! Call of the herd! Akroma! Mystic Enforcer! I also like the number of t2 decks spawning from it – the shifted cards offer huge variety.

Favourite format: Gotta be draft – it’s skill intensive and therefore winning gives a sense of achievement, but every draft is different, offering a new round of fun every time. I like extended too, as it brings back memories of when I first started playing.

What are your aims for next year in the Magic world? Claim the limited champs title, and top 8 at least 1 PTQ in each season (a win would be nice too – San Diego would be great thanks).

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