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17 November, 2006
Steve McAleer

Name: Steve McAleer
Age: 26
Location: Sheffield, England

Occupation: Computer Programmer

Education: First Class BSc (hons) Computing, University of Portsmouth

Number of Times Playing on the Pro Tour: 0

Notable Achievements: 2nd place at 2HG Champs last year. 1st place in numerable FNMs. 1st place Ravnica Pre-release Sheffield. Top 4 Fifth Dawn, Saviours of Kamigawa, Time Spiral Pre-releases.

Where do you play?
In and around Sheffield. I assist (in a non-TO capacity) with running Friday Night Magic (on a Wednesday) at the Patriot Games store on Lady's Bridge. I am also a regular at the Jemchipsa casual events and attend PTQs whenever I can in Doncaster.
Online I play fairly regularly on MTGO as Mezzobendigoth and am a member of the Sheffield Patriots clan. I mainly play limited online, either drafting or in the leagues, but I do have a couple of budget decks that I like to play in the Casual room, and can also be found playing 2 Headed Giant (usually partnered by Old_School_Overlord) and Momir BASIC (the finest of all budget formats!)

What is your favorite Magic card of all time?
My favorite card seems to change with each release - recent 'bestest card evar's include Clockwork Dragon, Lifespinner, Simic Sky Swallower and Hypnotic Specter.

What do you like most about the Time Spiral formats?
The sheer size of the set means that there is enormous variety no matter what format it is involved in. The best thing about Time Spiral though? That has to be simply opening the packs! The one exception so far being the first pack of a draft when I opened Desert and Candles of Leng, the toughest call to make in quite some time...

What are your aims regarding Magic for the next year?
To collect a set of Psionic Blasts through drafting!

Talk to me online as: Mezzobendigoth on Magic Online and on the Wizards forums, SteveMcAleer on the MTG Twincast forum.

Web www.mtgtwincast.com





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