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5 December, 2006

Junior Series - Battle at Bishop's!
By Darren Medforth


After not playing on Friday night due to having no money, I still had to decide what deck I was playing for the first day of the Junior qualifier, I didn’t really care that much because I have already qualified (due to a cancellation of last year’s Juniors!) but still had to think as what to play. I was thinking what decks could be around on the day, like Matteo with his brother’s deck (Green, black, red aggro which has done really well over the past few weeks.) also decks like Tron, Dragonstorm and Solar Pox are decks that are usually played in tournaments. I eventually come to a decision at about midnight and decided to play my Counterpost deck, I really like this deck because it does all sorts of things, like completely decimates any aggro deck and also can give me excellent card advantage.

Counterpost, by Darren Medforth

1   Akroma, Angel of Wrath
3   Simic Sky Swallower
4   Loxodon Hierarch
3   Court Hussar
4   Wrath of God
4   Compulsive Research
3   Careful Consideration
4   Remand
4   Rune Snag
3   Voidslime
3   Azorius Signet
4   Temple Garden
3   Breeding Pool
1   Hallowed Fountain
2   Yavimaya Coast
2   Adarkar Wastes
1   Forest
5   Island
2   Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree
4   Plains

Sideboard (15 Cards)
3   Condemn
3   Hail Storm
2   Spell Snare
3   Flashfreeze
2   Carven Caryatid
2   Naturalize

Many people are familiar with this deck from Friday Night Magic ,especially with me beating Marco’s deck with it. This deck provides everything from big fat creatures, card drawing, removal and many more. This deck’s best match up is against any aggro deck, it just stomps tiny creatures like Kird Apes with the Court Hussars and the Hierarchs, then the SSS and Akroma just say “Game” to your opponent. The sideboard is mainly anti-aggro as well just in case something does go wrong in the first round.

Now enough with the deck, let’s get on with the tournament!!!

I was looking around the shop to see what everyone was playing and I could see there was going to be a lot of competition. Some people turned up a bit late but I didn’t really mind, the only surprise for the start was the Matteo only had to borrow 3 cards for his deck, which was a world record for him. Everyone was ready and 1st round pairings were up.

1st ROUND- Matty Norton
Deck- Snow White

Matty was playing a borrowed snow white deck which Scott had won with the day before, and I was wondering to myself whether I can actually beat it and I had to wait and see if it could.
Matty wins the dice roll which could be a problem because he could pull out a first turn Martyr. He decides to go fist and mulligans down to six. I start the match by beating him down with Saproling tokens and then decide to Wrath the board because he had two Martyrs. I then counter his Proclamation of Rebirth making him tap out. I then play an SSS for the win!!
Second round got pretty annoying because Matty sideboarded in Defence Grids which stop me from using my counter spells. He then got out the Martyr/Proclamation combo and I decide to scoop.

The third match went really quickly as Matty got out Gauntlets of Power and a Sacred Messa, which was game!

Deck- Saproling aggro
This first round started off by him taking a mulligan and sticking with no green mana and all green cards in his hand. I play Hierarchs gaining me life but he top decks a Sudden Death. Then I play an SSS and he scoops. The second round was similar to the first but this time I play 2 SSS!

Deck- Gruul Beatdown
This match is good for me again. He takes a mulligan and beats me down, but I respond back by countering everything and playing SSS for the win!! Second round Adam got very lucky by killing me win a Magnus of the Scrolls and lots of Sudden Shocks. The last round saw me pull out an Akroma for the win.

Deck- Glare aggro
There was one thing before the match which got me angry, which was that Matteo, who was 2-1, got the bye in this round. Miles is a new person to the shop but he is a very good player, he is ranked number 2 in England for juniors, this kind of scared me. The first game see Miles make a huge play mistake by not attacking, which he could have won the game. I am so lucky and kill him with an SSS and an Akroma. The second and third games saw me not get any of my Wraths and me getting beaten quite quickly.

5th round- got a bye WOO!!
Deck- unknown

I was really surprised that a person that was 2-2 got the bye, I was really bored, and so I decided to watch Matteo get murdered by an Akroma J

At the end of the 1st day I came 3rd and used my prizes to draft with and came second in that. So overall my day was very good.

(Darren Medforth)


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