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14 January, 2007

Week 3 at the Bish

By Darren Medforth

With my Tron failing me the week before and the competition getting very high, I had to make a new deck as quickly as possible so it would beat all the competition. I was looking at my notes from the other report to see what decks the field but still couldn’t think of anything that would consistently beat the others. Pro players like Chris, Tony, Richard, Marco, Matteo and Scott (Ha) were the strongest in are really hard to beat but there are ways of beating them, I just haven’t found them yet.

At last an idea came to my mind and I decided to make Blue/Green aggro/control, the reason for this being that blue and green have come out with some nasty cards, such as Mystic Snake, returning in Time Spiral, and along with Psionic Blast this makes blue really strong. Other cards such as Plaxmanta, Ohran Viper and Moldervine Cloak are strong and could go into the deck. So here it is:

Simic Aggro-Control
Designed by Darren Medforth


25 Creatures

3x Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir
4x Plaxmanta
4x Llanowar Elves
4x Birds of Paradise
3x Ohran Viper
4x Mystic Snake
3x Yavimaya Dryad

13 other spells
3x Moldervine Cloak

3x Psionic Blast
4x Remand 
3x Voidslime

22 Land

4 x Breeding Pool
4 x Yavimaya Coast
1 x PendelHaven
6 x Island
7 x Forest


3 x Giant Solifuge          
3 x Carven Caryatid
3 x Wipe Away
3 x Spell Snare
3 x Naturalize




The reason why Teferi is in the deck is that it stops my opponent from countering my stuff while I can still counter his. It also allows me to play instant speed creatures from my hand so I can sneakily block my opponents’ creatures. I can also stop Wrath of god from happening with my counter spells such as Remand, Voidslime and Mystic snake.

Now that’s the deck done - onwards to the tournament.

5 Round 1- Chris Fenton
Deck- Pandemonium

Chris was playing his famous Pandemonium deck, which consists of little creatures that go with it such as Sandstalkers, Waries and Priests which provide nice burn from Pandemonium. The first game started off with both of us getting good starts, but Chris got the better of the two, as he started beating me with the Sandstalker which was later Mystic Snaked. I then dropped an Ohran Viper and beat down with both to get our life totals the same. I then drew a Moldervine Cloak which ended in him scooping.

In the next game it started with me getting a second turn Ohran Viper thanks to my Birds, while Chris was getting mana screwed. I then started the beats with my Ohran Viper and played another one. Chris was still mana screwed, so I cast a Teferi which finished the beats and ended the game.

Round 2- Matteo
Deck- R/U/W control  


Matteo was playing his famous R/U/W angel control which I two and owned™ in the juniors, but this was all about to change - the round started well for Matteo who stopped me from playing any of my stuff, then he cast out a lighting angel which got Blasted, so he just cast another one, and my inability to see another Blast resulted in him winning that game.

The next game went the same way as the first, but instead of using Lighting Angels he killed me with an Akroma, while I failed to see 2 blasts I needed to kill him. And now Matteo used my own saying , “two and owned it™”. Curse him.

6 Round 3- Richard Bland
Deck- Dragonstorm

This is one deck my deck can’t beat plus it’s a player I have never beaten in my magic history, I really do want to beat him but his good playing skills with the help of my playing mistakes make him win all the time. The first game went pretty quickly since Richard comboed off turn four, which was out of order since I was going to kill him in the next turn.

In the next round I beat him around the head with a Cloaked Plaxmanta. I got him low and it was my turn to kill him, but he Gigadrowsed, tapping everything I had. I just tapped some lands to float three mana in my pool and Psionic Blasted him, making it 1-1.

The next round I got him down to 5 life thinking I was going to win, I waited for him to say my turn but he had a smile on his face and got the combo in his hand, I couldn’t believe my luck that I came so close to beating him, twice. DAMN!!  


Round 4- Adam
Deck- Weird Zoo

I have played Adam’s weird Zoo deck before in the juniors when he beat me 2-1 with it - I hoped that I was going to beat him this time. In the first round he mulligans down to five which gives me a good advantage, I then made a bird first turn with him dropping a green land, I then played a Ohran viper, he plays another green land and ended his go. I knew he was mana screwed and took the advantage to cloak my viper which finally finished the game.

The next round ended in the same way as he got mana screwed again while I made Elves, Dryad, Cloak, Teferi and then game. WOOT!!

At the end I came 7th out of 16 people which was really good for me, I will probably play this deck in the next tournament as I enjoyed playing it and it gave me a good result.




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