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12 December, 2006

FNM-Week 1
By Darren Medforth

When I heard that Matteo had finished his month of Friday Night Magic reporting, I suddenly stepped in to take his place, I know my articles won’t be better than his, but I might as well have a go at it. I was nearing the first week and I needed to think of a deck quickly, I then decided to play tron because it’s the only deck that I can play well without being a total idiot.

I played tron in the last tournament and I came second, so I might as well play it again. The new tron is completely different to the new one, because there are some cards missing like Keiga, the Tide Star, or Meloku, the Clouded Mirror. These cards were very important to the deck and many people thought that you couldn’t make tron again because of those cards going out. However, when Time Spiral came in, tron made a couple of new friends!

Magic: The Gathering articlepic1

                        Introducing Keiga’s replacement Bogardan Helkite.

With this new dragon in the deck tron can kill your opponent faster. Even though it is 2 more mana than Keiga and it doesn’t steal creatures when it dies, it does have that instant speed and can also kill your opponent’s creatures and then block. This card is definitely going in.

Also, new cards such as Careful consideration and Urza’s Factory are good cards for tron.

Now that’s the info on the types of cards done, now onto the deck:


3x Bogardan Helkite                                                    
3x Simic Sky Swallower                                                    
4x Remand                                                                       
4x Rung Snag
2x Demonfire
2x Simic Signet
4x Izzet Signet
3x Careful Consideration
4x Compulsive Research
1x Disintegrate
3x Wildfire
3x Spell Burst

4x Urza’s Power plant 
4x Urza’s mine
4x Urza’s Tower
4x Steam Vents
3x Breeding pool
2x Shivan Reef
2x Yavimaya Coast
1x Island


4x Annex
2x Will Bender
4x Pyroclasm
3x Spell Snare
2x Wipe away

                                      Now that’s the deck done onto the tournament:

I wanted everyone to come early because I needed to borrow some cards, and actually put my deck together, I eventually got all my cards and play tested it on my own to see what kind of opening hands I could get. It was looking good, getting mostly tron turn four every time.

Here is what everyone was playing:

Matty Mcfeely- RGW aggro
Chris- Pandemonium
Tony- BUG
Matty Norton- Mono Black Aggro
Nigel- Glare with Demonfire
Matteo- Glare with Demonfire
Marco- Boros Aggro
Scott- GU aggro
Fang- Combo Tron
Wen- Multicoloured aggro
Ding- Reanimate
Ollie- BGR aggro
Rory- Rakdos aggro
Callum- WB control
John- Goblin Aggro
Me- Tron

The pairings were ready and the tournament begun.

Matthew Mcfeely
Deck- RGW aggro
Matty actually turned up today and was playing a new deck that I have never seen played before, It started with me winning the dice roll, so I decided to go first, I drew my cards and I immediately took a mulligan due to no lands, Matty was still deciding whether to keep and waited for me. I drew six cards and kept, and then Matty decided to mulligan which really got me mad.

Matty top-decked a second turn Stone Rain thanks to his Birds and targeted my Tower, which prevented me from playing tron next turn, he then plays Call of the Herd and starts beating me down with it, I then decided to Wildfire the board clearing Matty of all his creature and all but one land, I on the other hand was left with 4 and a signet, I was getting really worried because I realized I was only on 2 and he probably had a piece of burn. Then Matty got three land and Demonfired me to death.

The second game resulted in me top decking two Wildfires’ and then playing a Simic Sky Swallower ftw, Matty got really mad because of my beautiful top-decking skills, I hope it goes the same in the next round.

In the next game Matty started beating me with creatures like elephant token and Llanowar elves, I then played an instead speed Helkite killing his creatures, but the Helkite got Demonfired. I then made several mistakes, such as letting the Loxodon War Hammer resolve and forgetting to steal his Vitu-ghazi, which was game for him.

Round 2
Ollie Holmes
Deck- RGB aggro
First game turned out to be really funny because I had to mulligan down to 5 cards, sticking with 2 lands, he then got turn 2 Stone Rain, which made me think it’s his game, then a turn 3 Persecute made me get rid of a Remand and a SSS. I thought It was going to be over but he then played lots of dual lands untapped making him take two, then he played a Phyrexian arena, then lucky me top decked tron and the Demonfired him for the win.

The second game resulted in Ollie getting coloured mana screwed and me drawing lots and lots of cards and getting tron, but only one red land in play with a Bogardan in my hand, then Ollie played a Blood Moon which meant I could play it, then he attacked and then I played. Then he couldn’t kill it which was game for me.

Round 3
Deck- Combo Tron
I really do like the deck Fang was playing; it was tron that had a combo which allowed him to have infinite turns. He then wins the dice roll and decides to go first. I then kept a two land hand thinking that I would draw a land soon, but I didn’t in at least 5 turns, I drew a signet which then got Repealed. He then got tron and Mirari and combo’d out and decked me.

In the second game he starts countering my spells which allows him to play Mine, he plays 2 Telling Times and gets tron Damn!! They I finally top-decked tron and played a Simic Sky Swallower and Demonfire for the win, due to him having no counter spells.

In the last game I take a mulligan, he gets tron turn five and spell burst with buyback, which is game for him really, but I was determined to win. I then sat there drawing rubbish and decided to concede because I knew he top-decked the combo.

Round 4     
Callum rose
Deck-WU Control
I knew this deck was good because Ollie won a tournament with it, I hate playing a deck that has counter spells in it so this could be a problem for me. It starts with both of us equal up until he plays a Messa, I thought it was going to be game but stupid Callum (edit : You should be nice to your fellow gamers - Tony!) forget to make and sac the token with result that the Messa went in the bin.

Then Callum plays an Akroma with me tapped out and then I decided to scoop as I can’t deal with it.

In the next game Callum mulligan’s to four cards and doesn’t draw any land. I get tron and Spell Burst with buyback which made him scoop. Callum quoted “why does my ducking deck always ducking duck me off. Ducking hell”

In the last match Callum started off really well and I was not so fortunate, I had to mulligan and I was stuck with just two lands and did not draw anymore. Then he plays Akroma, which makes me scoop.

At the end of the day my deck did really badly and I’m never going to play that deck ever again!

Darren Medforth



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