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The Cult of Rakdos

By Wilecoyote





Well, how do you start with a Rakdos theme deck .. oh yeah that's easy where did those Blood Crypts go, oh you mean casual so Blood Crypts are out .. Demon Fire ? No ? Char as well. Oh, that's going to make things a bit interesting.

Okay, lets start with the mana base. 4 radkos canarium please, 10 swamps and 10 mountains. Shall I add signets, nah lets make the deck aggressive and reasonably cheap on the mana curve to take advantage of the hell bent mechanic.

Okay, first up creatures. You can't have a Rakdos deck without the Guild mages, the non foil limited edition textless ones will have to do. The old summoning of goblins is going to come in hand for when out of cards in hand and the discard ability may help the hell bent options. Next I'll throw in 4 hell hole rats, one of my favourite cards, as not only does it summon a creature with haste but the opponent has to discard a card taking damage. Add into the mix some jagged poppets, stir in with some demonic jesters and finally sprinkle the stinkweed imps on top. The stinkies can be quite handy having the dredge mechanic to keep their big threats at bay.

Spells really don't require much subtlety and after debating the merits of last gasp and seal of doom a more direct burn approach may be better. 4 seal of fire, 4 cackling flames, 4 wrecking balls and 4 galvanic arc's. The arcs also have that nice little threat from being able to give first strike to the critters.

(24 Land)
 4 Radkos carnarium
10 Swamp
10 Mountain

(36 Other Spells)
4 Cackling Flames
4 Seal of Fire
4 Galvanic Arc
4 Wrecking Ball
4 Radkos Guildmage
4 Stinkweed Imp
4 Demonic Jester
4 Jagged Poppet
4 Hell Hole Rats



Never been good with sideboards, more of a wardrobe man myself so will leave that open for discussion.

So there you have it a Rakdos deck and not a rare in sight ...


Please discuss you ideas in the forum